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Lean Consulting & Contracting


We can support your organisation on any improvement initiative and can provide highly experienced consultants to work with your business to support your improvement journey. Our consultants provide direction and coaching and importantly ensure knowledge transfer to develop internal capability.
We can support or lead continuous improvement or lean transformation programs, capability development programs, specific process improvement projects, kaizen events, change management, project management or any other improvement initiatives.

Our team are excellent problem solvers and can helper business to solve its problems effectively with a clear structure and repeatable process.


We can also support your business by contracting to you experienced resources. This is a unique service that we provide to companies to give them access to experienced resources when they need them without having to commit to lengthy contract engagements. We can support your business for two days or two months, on any lean support you need whether it is to run a last minute training session, support an internal project team with additional manpower or coach internal management. Whatever the need, we can provide you with the right resources at the right time that will seamlessly work with your organisation.

Our contracting service saves you considerable costs of engaging long term contractors and provides you with the flexibility and experience your organisation needs to achieve its objectives.

Please contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business.