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“Continuous Improvement behind every great business”


Our Story

The Improve8 brand brings together “improvement” with the number 8 which represents “continuous flow”. It symbolises the need for all businesses to “improve continuously”.

Improve8 was founded by Jana Krizova Hocken in 2012 with the goal of bringing lean and other best practice improvement methodologies to all types of businesses in a way that is simple, practical and delivers tangible results. Our aim is to avoid “consultant talk” and instead bring a fresh, down to earth, practical and sustainable approach to supporting our clients. We genuinely care about our clients needs and try to ensure that our knowledge is transferred to the client sustainably so that they can continue their continuous improvement journey autonomously without heavy reliance on consultants. Of course we are always there to support the journey as needed.

Improve8 can support organisations of all sizes. Whether you are a large global corporation or a local small business, we have products and services to meet your specific needs. We have taken the world’s leading business improvement methodologies such as lean, that are used by some of the most successful companies, and developed a range of consulting services and simple, practical products to support and improve every type of business.

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